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The PayEze story

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Easy, rewarding cash positive payments for entrepreneurs

With PayEze making payments and earning rewards has never been easier in Australia. We are passionate about offering exceptional services to both small to medium businesses as well as individuals who wish to engage with the ease and simplicity of our credit card services. Our company is tailored to your needs, created with your lifestyle in mind.

Founder and visionary for PayEze, Emma Hamilton, is an entrepreneur and investor who works directly with many individuals and small businesses. When searching for a credit card platform that he felt could benefit both her  an individual, and his business contacts, she found many flaws in the options that were readily available on the market. Often,  there was no option for individuals, companies were tailoring their services for businesses and business owners. On top of that, they were offering little to no reward for using their services.

Hamilton knew there had to be a more innovative way to develop traditional credit card and payment schemes, so he took matters into his own hands and created the product he had previously been searching for on the market. At this moment, PayEze was established.

Our advanced technology and flexible systems mean that our clients can make expense payments even in places that don’t traditionally accept card transactions, for example, paying rent, tax, payroll, invoices and more. By using PayEze for these transactions, our clients are gaining rewards, benefiting their cashflow and accessing interest-free credit (for
up to 55 days).

As an Australian company, we believe that every Australian deserves to rewarded, no
exceptions. That is why we ensure that as many people as possible across the country have access to our services.

The opportunities we offer are unparalleled to anything else currently
available on the market - we are modernizing payments, we are digitalizing all aspects of our services for your convenience.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. That is why we take customer service seriously, offering our clients in New South Wales and ACT face-to-face consultations with a team of dedicated business managers. We also offer phone and email support for those who are situated outside of these areas. With PayEze, your questions get answered, your worries fade away and your payment methods become easier than ever.

When we set up PayEze, we aspired to create the all-in-one credit card platform system that has the best options for all types of people, we can confidently say that we have achieved what we set out to do and are proud of the range of bonuses that are available to our clients for choosing PayEze.

PayEze is simple, effective and efficient. We are proud to support Australian citizens gain endless rewards, pay with ease and control their expenses effortlessly.


At PayEze everyone deserves to be rewarded.

Easy, rewarding cash positive payments for entrepreneurs