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500 Qantas points

Guaranted matched eached dollar per point

Maximise the rewards earned on your credit card

PayEze will improve your cash-flow by utilising up to 55 days interest free credit on your existing cards, while you earn card rewards for payments your already making.

  • Get credit card reward points from your card provider
  • Get 500 Qantas points on existing bills
  • Improved cash flow utilising your existing approved credit
  • Take advantage of early payment discounts and no more late payment fees
  • Full points on all Government, superanuation, payroll, ATO, rent, insurances and more
  • We support all major cards including American Express, Master Card and Visa
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Overview Image

The personal touch

Connect directly in to your existing accounting package to automatically finalise payments of invoices, payroll and taxation with just one click and without the need to duplicate customer contact and payment data.

  • You will have your own personal business manager that understands your needs
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How it works

It is really simple! PayEze was created with the struggles of small to medium business in mind, to make them more effective and profitably. Our automated technology will save you time, help to optimise your cash flow, maximise your loyalty rewards, and help you negotiate the best available early payment discounts for your business.

It works by utilising credit cards which are an excellent source of unsecured finance for cash flow management that businesses find easier to utilise as opposed to bank lines of credit or overdraft facilities. Also, many suppliers won’t accept standard credit card payments, so PayEze pays your suppliers by bank transfer or Bpay within 48 hours and gives you the interest free terms available on your credit card. By being able to pay your suppliers within 48 hours, many suppliers are willing to offer up early payment discounts to further improve the profitability of your business.

PayEze works on your behalf to help maximise the amount of loyalty rewards that your business can earn. These rewards are exceptionably valuable and tax effective for your business or personal use.​

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Make payment to PayEze

We pay your suppliers

You get the benifits & rewards

One click to import suppliers or payroll from your accounting software or add them individually into our portal. Then make all payments with your American Express or other card directly to PayEze.

Set your preferences and options to pay your tax, bills, suppliers, super, employees, etc. Are all paid via Funds Transfer or BPay from PayEze within 2 business days.

You earn up to triple reward points on every $1 of business expenses, even if your suppliers don’t accept AMEX! Then pay your credit card over 55 days improving your cash flow.

Customer Benifits

Registration is easy and only takes a few minutes. Join PayEze to receive all these benifits and more.

Safe and Secure

Our customers are protected by advanced fraud protection systems.

Fast Payments

No lengthy delays in payments reaching your suppliers.

Save time and easy to use

Manage expenses via a centralised expense management system.

Unsecured working capital

Take advantage of up to 55 additional cash flow days for your business.

Early payment discounts

Pay suppliers within 48 hours to maximise your early payment discounts

Easy registration

It’s free! No obligation, and just takes a few minutes.

User friendly dashboard

The portal is intuitive and has been designed to make transacting easy.

Real-time updates

Receive real-time payment status updates via email and SMS

Earn reward points

Earn credit card reward points for every dollar your already spending.